Finance Calculator

One of the central factors to be considered when taking an auto loan (car finance) is the terms charges or interest rate because it determines how much your loan repayments will be each month. There are also other factors involved in the overall cost of your loan that you want to have to consider into your calculation in finding the best car loan.

When you consider buying a car by using a car loan, you ought to know how much you will have to pay back to the lender each month in relation to your disposable salary.

If your free income, after subtracting your living expenses, is a smaller amount than the requisite monthly repayments, you will not qualify for a bank loan because you will end up having your car repossessed.

When you arrange the auto credit, you agree to use the motor vehicle as security whilst the loan has to be repaid and default means they will repossess.

The auto lease calculator will help you to make sure that you can meet the repayments; you can calculate your monthly payments to see if you can afford it.

Sometimes the interest rate is already pre-loaded, though this may vary according to your credit history.

The variables in a car finance calculator are the interest rate and the instalment period, but  it will certainly give you a good idea of your monthly amount payable.

Are you purchasing for


Purchase price


Total value of extras



  %  or  R

Trade-in value



%  or  R

Total loan amount


Anticipated interest rate


Repayment period


Your monthly instalment  will be:


Disclaimer: All calculations made on this calculator, together with rates quoted, are guidelines only and subject to confirmation at the time of finalising any transaction with your preferred vehicle financing company.

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