Frequently Asked Questions

1. Log in to the website using your username & password.
2. Navigate to your vehicle.
3. When viewing your vehicle; you will see "View" / "Edit" above the main image.
4. Click on "Edit".
5. Scroll all the way down to the bottom.
6. Click on "Delete".
7. Confirm Delete.

We do not spend money advertising on other media; we do not have a lot of expenses.
We started this website as a free service to dealers as we found the prices charged to advertise on other sites are very expensive.
Therefore, we recognized the need and started the site as a free service to the dealers; not to make money out of it.

We are not as big as other car sales websites - but we are growing every day.
We do not advertise on other media.
Our website's strength lies in the fact that it is optimized for search engines such as google and thus drives a lot of targeted traffic to our website.
Therefore, although we are not as big as some of the other large sites; we are considered as one of their competitors.

Your ad will be visible on the website for a period of 90 days / Until you remove it.

Any private person, motor dealers, auctioneers, financial institutions, etc.

Potential buyers like to see what they are interested to buy.

No, you can buy a vehicle without a driver’s licence but you cannot get financing for a vehicle if you do not have a driver’s license.

Most banks do not finance vehicles older than 2005 models or if the finance amount is less than R50,000

There are two contact methods available:

  1. You will receive a call on your "contact number".
  2. The form located to the right of the vehicle will be completed, and the information will be sent to your email address.

Click on the “Print” button when you are viewing a vehicle.

You simply register and upload your vehicle to the website. After your vehicle is added to the site you will be able to easily navigate to your vehicle and click on the “Print” button in order to make a printout.

It is a bonus gesture to our participants. Private sellers normally do not have the facilities to create professional advertizing material. We provide you with the tools to do an attractive advert to place in your car at a car market, advertizing display board or on your car windows for maximum exposure.

This website is built to be Search Engine Friendly. Therefore most people who arrive on the website will arrive through Google, Yahoo, etc.

There are so many advertising websites, magazines and newspapers making millions in advertising with very little success. Therefore we do not ask anything to allow you to upload your vehicle on our website; our service is 100% FREE (no catch)

Buy Used Cars is a vehicle buying and selling website powered by a group of passionate people interested in making buying & selling of vehicles as easy as possible.

Buy Used Cars is a professional, easy to use, free car advertising website that is very popular among used-car dealers and private sellers.

You may advertise as many vehicles as you like - absolutely FREE.

The main objective of Buy Used Cars is to provide a free service to anybody who wants to buy or sell a car.

Become part of the success and experience positive results by advertising your vehicles today.